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The Martini’s


Three of our top selling cocktails including everyone’s favourite, the Pornstar Martini. Chill them in the fridge, give them a shake and pour. Strait And Narrow cocktails for you to enjoy at home! How to serve? Make sure to chill the cocktail in the fridge, then pour a little bit into your glass, replace the lid and give the bottle a good shake until you get a lovely velvety foam (You can use a cocktail shaker if you have one!). Then top up your glass and serve with the garnish provided.

Pornstar Martini   12.2%   500ml
Made with Cariel Vanilla Vodka, Passoa, P/Apple & Lime. Best served with a 50ml shot of Prosecco on the side!
Includes dehydrated lime garnish.
Espresso Martini   13.3%   500ml
Made with Sacred Organic Vodka, Borghetti Coffee Liqueur, Sugar & Cold Brew Coffee.
Includes Coffee Beans to garnish.
French Martini   12.3%   500ml
Made with Cariel Vanilla Vodka, Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur & P/Apple.
Includes Haribo Giant Strawb sweets to garnish.


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