Top Imports Lager Pack


Inside your Top Imports Lager Pack you will find…

VELTINS – PILSNER 4.8% 500ml
One of the finest examples of German Pilsner. Veltins is brewed using natural spring water from its own mountain. It has a delicate dry and clean palate, fine carbonated body, slight bitterness and a light citrus finish. Brewed in Sauerland, near Dortmund, to the German Purity Law 1516. Voted ‘World’s Best Pilsner’ in the 2007 World Beer Awards.

An excellent pils, brewed with the world-famous Saazer hops. Hopfenkönig has a crisp, clean dry, hoppy nose and aromatic flavours. It is a perfect aperitif beer.

JUPLIER – PILS 5.2% 330ml
Belgium’s best-loved beer, Jupiler is a bottom-fermented Pilsner and a benchmark among Pils-style Belgian beers. This bright gold Pils offers fresh, fruity malt and hops and an unrivalled refreshment.

21st century Berliner is a beer that’s bang up to date, a crisp pilsner perfect for sipping anywhere from a drizzly British barbecue to a Brooklyn rooftop party.

BAVIK – SUPER PILS 5.2% 330ml
Bavik Super Pils obtains its unique flavour through its exceptional brewing process. It is not diluted, Bavik only use aroma hops and guarantee a long and cold maturation process (30 days). Pasteurization is out of the question. Those 4 elements result into this unique pilsner.

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What you get:
6 x Lemon things (each bottle contains TWO 25ml shots)
6 x Sugar sticks
1 x Lemon
1 x Passenger Safety Card Instruction Sheet so you can consume your shots in absolute safety.
1 x You become the envy of your friends, neighbours, ex boy/girlfriends and family.

1 x Snyder Jalapeno Pretzel Pieces
1 x KP Original Dry Roasted Peanuts
1 x Walkers Salt and Vinegar Crisps
1 x Yorkie