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Trad Dad – Fathers Day Gift Set


A beer pack perfect for your beer loving Dad, in here you will find some of our most popular continental beers, along with a very special Strait And Narrow branded glass and snacks a plenty! Each pack will come complete with tasting sheet for each of the beers and a personalised gift note, just add your note in the delivery instructions box and we’ll take care of the rest!

Included in this pack is…

1 x Bavik Pils
1 x Brugse Zot
1 x Delirium
1 x Duvel 6.66%
1 x Jupiler
1 x Westmalle Extra
1 x Strait And Narrow Glass
1 x Pork Scratchings with Beer Jam Dip
1 x Classic Bier Nuts
1 x Masala Bier Nuts
1 x Beer tasting notes

All local orders will be delivered on Friday 18th June, national deliveries will be dispatched on Wednesday 16th June. For any enquiries just drop us an email on we’re always happy to help!

In stock

A perfect extra gift for Dad (or for yourself, we can keep a secret….)

If you have any special delivery instructions or if there is anything you need to tell us about your order let us know below.