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The Strait Exchange

How do you socialise in a bar whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines? I’m glad you asked. Easy - at The Strait and Narrow we’ve installed The Strait Exchange. There’s a landline on every table so you can call up other tables and speak to friends, strangers, anyone or just ring the bar and order, ask for advise or have a bit of fun. There’s even a table plan in the back of the menu that lets you see which tables have which numbers. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Now stay safe and have some fun.

The Strait and Narrow opened in 2012 with the goal of putting exactly the right drink in the hand of the customer, whatever they wanted. We sell 120+ bottles of beer from all over the world, lots of continental draught, real ale, a comprehensive and contemporary wine list, bespoke premium spirits and an insanely large cocktail menu all made (and a lot created) by our professional, award winning bartenders.

Every product we choose or design is in the bar for the reason. We want you to enjoy your time here and work hard at making your drinking experience the best it can possibly be. We take inspiration from all over the world and throughout the whole history of the drinks industry, as well as anywhere else such as golden era hip hop, cult films, people we’ve met, customers and things that interest us make us laugh. We aim to be the best bar we can possibly be. It’s a Strait and Narrow Thing…