We do loads of beers here. Because we’ve a wide audience to cater for we’re inclusive when it comes to our drinks policy – not exclusive. The plan is that you can come in, have something you’re familiar with or kind of know, then have a browse and get out of your comfort zone if you dare.

On draught we’ve Belgian lagers, wheat beers, Kriek, Blondes and five handpulls. We always have on Timothy Taylor’s Landlord (because it is consistently excellent) Black Sheep (top session ale) and a Beer from Grafter’s Brewery, brewed at The Half Moon Willingham by Stow (because their beer is local, sensational and Phil and Tracey are ace.) The other two wickets we get experimental with.

On top of this we have upwards of 132 bottled beers, ranging from Trappist Beers, Stouts, IPAs, British Ales, Belgians, Fruit Beers and anything that we think is any good. Trust us – we’re experts.

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