Wednesday May 1st
Performing An exclusive intimate gig, live at the Strait and Narrow. Limited tickets available.
Tickets £12.50 Doors open from 6pm.
Featuring Jay Dimes & Mr Ben

Big Daddy Kane is still today one of the best rappers. I would put Big Daddy Kane against any rapper in a battle. Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, any of them. – Ice T

The most skilled rapper of all time, I think is Big Daddy Kane. That’s only because Big Daddy Kane could deliver on speeds. Its one thing to rap fast but it’s another thing is to rap on something fast and Kane can do it fast, slow, powerful and dance. Sh*t, he can do it all – Chuck D, Public Enemy

Big Daddy Kane’’s stuff felt like jumping out of a Cadillac, his thing had a more pimp flair to it. I have to give it to Kane. – Ice Cube

Put your Weight on it.
It’s a Strait and Narrow Thing…
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