Rad Dad Father’s Day Crate


The perfect gift for your Beer loving Rad Dad / Grandad /Step-Dad / Dog Dad / Plant Dad or lets be honest, just someone special to you. We’ve 5 different styles to choose from, each one will be handpicked by us and totally bespoke! Included in this limited edition pack are 5 incredible beers chosen from our latest and house favourite beers, a branded glass and of course, our favourite snacks for a perfect beer pairing. AND of course it wouldn’t be a S&N Beer Crate without some tasting notes to describe each one of these delicious Beer’s.

You can choose from….

Pale Riders – A mixture of Pales and IPAs
Big Boy Stouts – Stouts and Porters – A dark beer lovers dream
Sour Power – For those loving a nice tart beer
The Belgians – Big Belgian Beer classics
Mix It Up – This one is our fave, we’ll pick a selection that may include any and all styles. But if you just want 2 styles that’s cool too, just drop a note in the box below!

Each Crate comes with….

5 x Handpicked Beers
1 x Branded Glass
1 x Jacks Pork Scratchings – Drunken Dunkers with Beer Jam Dip
1 x Huligan Pretzel Crush – Pizza Sauce flavour
1 x The Snaffling Pig Peanuts – Caramelised Honey and Chilli flavour
1 x Pipers Crisps – Longhorn Beer flavour~
1 x Wooden Crate

If you have any special delivery instructions, or a personalised note to add please let us know! We’ll send your order out immediately (if you want a specific date you can add that info) and click and collect is Free!